Chris Buescher deflated after losing by 0.001 seconds at Kansas Speedway

Chris Buescher was on the wrong side of the closest ever finish in NASCAR Cup Series history last night as he lost by 0.001 seconds.

Kyle Larson
Kyle Larson

With Kyle Larson on top of the world after winning by 0.001 seconds, on the other side of the finish was Chris Buescher who lost by 0.001 seconds.

The RFK Racing driver thought he had won his, and Ford's, first NASCAR Cup Series race of the year. However, the celebrations had to be halted after the win was taken away from him.

Buescher was at a loss for words after the race when talking to Fox Sports:

“I do not know what to say right now.”

Buescher was asked about the finish, and at first, he was in disbelief that he had lost by such a small margin:

“I have not seen anything other than just a picture, I sure cannot see it in that picture so that sucks to be that close.

“It was a great finish, a really strong day there is a lot of speed in this Ford Mustang we really needed that, needed a win more!”

Even though he may have finished in second place Buescher was still happy with his team and cars performance after the 267-lap race:

“I thought I might have had that one. We had good speed there when firing off, really proud of that. We had a good strategy all day that got us back up there, and I tried to cover what I could but left half a lane too much suppose.

“But it was a good hard race down to the line, just that hurts.”

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