"I love adverse conditions" - Christopher Bell wins in tricky conditions in New Hampshire

Christopher Bell wins his third race of the 2024 NASCAR CUp Series.

Christopher Bell
Christopher Bell

Christopher Bell wins his third race of the 2024 NASCAR Cup Series after tackling the mixed conditions in New Hampshire last night.

Bell became the driver to beat when the rain began falling and the cars were sent out on the wet tyres. Bell was very open after the race and stated how much he enjoys driving in wet conditions:

“You never know how these things will shake out when you change so many things like that. I love adverse conditions because you are always trying to think outside the box.”

Bell also stated just how quickly he was able to find grip and how well he could turn despite the conditions and experience being new for all the drivers in the field:

“When we went back out, I was feeling around, and it felt like the normal groove was really slippery, so I tried to run down or up, and my car was turning really good.”

Bell has quickly made his claim as a Championship contender when the playoffs roll around later this year.

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