1985 Pepsi Firecracker 400 winner Greg Sacks will attempt to make his first NASCAR Cup Series start in more than six years this weekend at the Chicagoland Speedway in a new team owned by James Wilsburg.

One of NASCAR's most celebrated journeyman throughout the mid to late 1980's and 1990's, Sacks has been behind several comeback rides that non-started in recent years, most notably the #05 Franchi$it sponsored team that was set to debut last year. However when he turned up for the recent Busch Series race at Dover, he indicated that a new ride was forthcoming.

Sacks' new mount will be the #13 ARC Dehooker/Vita Coco Dodge owned by Wilsburg. While the number of events the pairing are due to take in this year remains unclear, if Sacks can use his experience to gain a decent base set-up there are almost half a dozen starting slots effectively 'up for grabs' between the independent teams each week. As the #98 Mach 1 Motorsport Lucas Oil team has shown, simply by qualifying for races and running the full-distance, progress can be made.