Robby Gordon has been placed on probation by Richard Childress Racing for the rest of the 2004 NASCAR Cup Series season following the controversial Sylvania 300 at New Hampshire last weekend.

Gordon was involved in two incidents during the race, the second of which occurred as Gordon tried 'to even the score' with Greg Biffle following contact between the two earlier in the race.

The resulting accident also affected both Tony Stewart and Jeremy Mayfield, who found their challenges for the 'Chase for the championship' damaged as a result.

Gordon, whose future with the #31 Cingular Wireless team was already the subject of some debate, now finds himself on probation, something that is unlikely to help his cause given that his contract at RCR up for renewal at the end of the year.

As well as putting his driver on probation, president and CEO of Richard Childress Racing, Richard Childress, also issued an apology for the actions of his driver.

"Many athletes have made mistakes in their careers and would take back the negative things they've said or done if they could," he said. "As a result of his actions last weekend in New Hampshire, I have placed Robby on probation for the rest of the season.

"I would like to apologise to all of the fans, the media, and the teams. I also would like to publicly apologise to Cingular Wireless for being placed in this situation. If there is one positive, I think this can make Robby understand that there is more to racing than just being aggressive.

"In this sport today, one action can affect many people's lives on the track and beyond it, as well."

Gordon is due to conduct a press conference at Dover International Raceway before the MBNA America 400 meeting gets underway.