The company that supplied Michael Waltrip Racing with the chassis that Michael McDowell so comprehensively wrecked last weekend in Texas have pronounced themselves happy with the way the car reacted to its 180mph head on impact with the outside SAFER barriers at the Texas Motor Speedway.

North Carolina based Triad Racing Development, led by the son of late sportscar star Al Holbert, has been credited with saving McDowell from serious injury after he spun head-on into the turn one wall during his qualifying run last Friday at the ultra-fast 1.5-mile Texas oval. And while NASCAR have yet to conclude their own investigation into how the chassis stood up to the worst on-track impact yet for the new generation of vehicles used in the Sprint Cup Series, both TRD and Michael Waltrip Racing had nothing but praise for the car.

"Obviously as a racecar driver, all we think about is going fast," commented McDowell, who was able to race his back up car in Sunday's Samsung 500. "It is nice to know that I am safe in a car prepared by Michael Waltrip Racing and Triad Racing Development. The car had a vicious impact and all the safety precautions NASCAR takes really paid off. The driver compartment stayed intact and I have to take my hat off to all the safety initiatives that have been put in place over the years."

"Michael (McDowell) took a really hard hit on Friday," commented TRD head Todd Holbert on Tuesday morning. "It is good to know that the extra time we put in our chassis paid off and the chassis did it job. NASCAR has done a great job designing a car that can withstand such an incredible impact. This is one of the worst COT wrecks to date and is one of the hardest hits I have seen in over 10 years in the business. For McDowell to walk away without any injury is proof NASCAR and Triad Racing Development takes safety seriously."