All Motorsport-UK sanctioned events have been suspended until at least the start of May due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Following the latest advice from the UK government - including social-distancing measures, issued on Monday - Motorsport UK has confirmed it is suspending all organising permits and certificates of exemption until at least April 30 2020, meaning no motorsport activities are permitted during that period.

Motorsport UK said it was following government advice in response to the outbreak of COVID-19 and will be “constantly” reviewing the developing situation in the coming days and weeks.

"As the National Governing Body, we would ask all Motorsport UK members to act responsibly and follow the Government’s guidance during this difficult time,” a Motorsport UK statement read.

“We thank all of our members, organisers, officials, volunteers, staff and their families for their support during these unprecedented times.  We will continue to monitor the situation and will resume sporting activity as soon as we are able.

“We also have a responsibility and duty of care to our staff who will be working from home, so please be patient with any queries you may have.”

Motorsport UK chairman David Richards added: “Clearly we live in challenging times and exceptional measures are required.

“The decision to suspend Motorsport UK permits on a temporary basis is not one that was taken lightly as the industry employs many thousands of people. However we have an over-riding responsibility to our members and the friends and families of our community.

“Furthermore, our social responsibilities extend to the broader population and the potential drain on valuable public health resources on which we are all reliant.

“The situation is very fluid and we will continue to monitor developments over the coming weeks and hope that we can resume the annual motorsport calendar at the opportune moment.

“In the immediate short term our efforts need to be focused on ensuring that the industry that backs up the sport has the financial support that it requires from the Government in order that it can be sustained beyond this extraordinary scenario.”