The stolen go-pro

A TV company who broadcast the Isle of Man TT were forced to appeal for a stolen go-pro to be returned.

The go-pro had been fitted onto Mike Russell's BMW S1000RR K46 for the Superstock Race 2.

But after he retired, the go-pro went missing…

Greenlight TV asked: “Can we kindly ask the folks who “borrowed” our onboard go-pro from Mike Jack Russell’s retired outfit at the 33rd yesterday to please return it so we can give him the coverage he deserves!”

Peter Hickman banner pinched

Police appealed for a Peter Hickman banner to be returned after it was stolen.

Officers warned that the perpetrators have been caught by CCTV.

“Do the right thing please,” the police urged.

Isle of Man TT races - The big debate

Rider claims bike was tampered with

On a far more serious note, Ryan Cringle claimed that someone had tampered with his bike while it was unattended.

He said: “First up we done the warm up lap to give the bike a shakedown after fitting a new engine that proved to run faultless, unfortunately the bike was all over the road again not handling like my own bike, it turns out someone had been messing with my rear suspension when the bike was unattended. 

“So whoever you are I hope you feel proud of yourself for playing with my life like that.”

Too much drinking

A fan from Scotland was fined £150 for being too drunk.

He was picked up by police for being drunk in a public place - he was unable to tell them who he was, he was swaying, and his speech was slurred.

He had only been on the island for less than 24 hours. He blamed tired (and alcohol consumption) for his condition.

“Yes our police are tolerant and respectful but the Island cannot tolerate this drunken behaviour at TT,” magistrates said.

Bus chaos

Double-decker buses were drafted in to replace regular buses to cater for the huge amount of fans on the island.

Drivers and passengers had complained that buses were too full to collect everyone who was waiting.

The Department of Infrastructure claimed they couldn’t have predicted how many fans would arrive…

Hollywood royalty



Channing Tatum came to the TT to watch the bikes, speak to the locals and he even pulled a few pints in the local pub!

Choose church over Superbikes!

A religious campaigner criticised the decision to stage the Superbike race on a Sunday.

“A number of people who wish to go to church on Sunday will be unable to do so.

“They can’t go to evening service because the roads won’t open until 6pm and that is far too late.”

Racer proposes at finish line

Alan Founds, a Sidecar racer, proposed to his girlfriend at the finish line of the second Sidecar race.

Founds, and passenger Colin Smythe, finished 11th in the race but he had a far better results afterwards, when his girlfriend Karla said yes!

86-year-old attends 43rd TT

A heart-warming tale - an 86-year-old from Surrey attended his 43rd TT this year.

Graeme Crate travels on the same bike and stays at the same campsite every year.

French riders confused by mph or km/h

Police had to teach nine French motorcyclists the difference between miles per hour and kilometres per hour when they were caught speeding at the Ramsey Hairpin.

The two lead riders were fined, the rest were given a stern education.

Drone fine

A fan was fined £3,000 for flying a drone during a race.

Magistrates told the offender: “Can you imagine the catastrophe that could have been caused?

“We have to send a very firm message that we want to have a safe TT.”

Pheasant crash

Paul Williams hit a pheasant on the very first day of the TT. Fortunately Williams emerged fine, but the pheasant did not.

His bike, however, was destroyed by the incident.

Special volunteers thanked

A shout-out to the unsung heroes of the Isle of Man TT, the volunteers who help police.

Three men have provided a combined 38 shifts of 12 hours each. They have a combined 40 years of experience.