Fan punished for flying a drone during an Isle of Man TT race

A fan at the Isle of Man TT was hit with a £3,000 fine for flying his drone during a race.
Fan punished for flying a drone during an Isle of Man TT race

The 23-year-old engineer from Dartford was arrested by police on Wednesday.

He was caught flying his drone near the Mountain Course.

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In court, he admitted flying the unmanned aircraft within 1,000 metres of the course during a race, without lawful permission.

Race Control at The Grandstand had been told during the race that a drone was flying above a field near Sulby Bridge, the court was told.

Isle of Man police tweeted: “The use of devices of this sort put the aircraft operating around the course at risk along with the competitors and spectators. 

“It is an offence and there have been plenty of warnings…”

The offender said in court that he didn’t know it was illegal because there were no signs.

“Ignorance of the law is no excuse or any defence,” the prosecutor replied.

But his defence claimed: “How many people would go on holiday and look at the laws of the land for where they are going? It’s a preposterous suggestion.”

The offender was told by magistrates: “Can you imagine the catastrophe that could have been caused?

“We have to send a very firm message that we want to have a safe TT.”

His drone has been destroyed.

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