A Pit Lane Speed Restriction of 60 kph has been established and will be in operation during the 2009 Manx Grand Prix races.

Pit Lane - New Speed Limit - 60kph

At the entrance to the Pit Lane the Stop Box has been removed.
Just before the start of the Armco Barrier there is a Single White Line with a board at each side indicating 60 kph. From this point until the Pit Lane Exit - which is indicated by a White Line with a board at each side with the 60kph crossed out, the speed limit is 60kph.

This speed limit will be controlled by transponder loops in the Pit Lane.

There will be sanctions for any competitor breaking the speed limit as follows:

61kph - 80kph ooo- a time penalty of 30 seconds.
81kph - 100kph o-oa time penalty of 60 seconds
Over 100 kph oooo- disqualification from the race.

These penalties will be a matter of fact with no right of protest or appeal.

Phil Taubman
Clerk of the Course