The wife of TT racer Paul Dobbs, who was killed in a racing accident on the Mountain course, says he 'died doing what he most loved'.

'Dobsy' died when he crashed at Ballagarey during the second Supersport race of the 2010 Isle of Man TT on Thursday.

The loss of the popular New Zealander, who was a TT regular, shocked the paddock and brought tributes from all parts of the event.

Fellow Kiwi Bruce Anstey was among the riders to wear a black armband during Friday's Senior TT, and later dedicate dhis third place finish to his friend.

Dobsy's wife Bridget issued an emotional statement about the crash, which said his family were 'devastated' but also feel 'lucky in so many ways'.

The statement said:

'Dobsy died doing what he most loved, in a place he loved and felt at home and surrounded by people he loved and admired.'

'He died instantly and felt no pain. He had no knowledge of his end, but was fully focussed on the bike and the race.'

'After making a hard decision and missing the TT last year, I am thankful that I was here at this tragic time. We have been wholeheartedly supported by the whole racing community in both a professional and personal way.'

'We held nothing back in pursuing Dobsy's racing and so I need regret nothing. Our lives have been immeasurably enriched by the TT and the Isle of Man.'

'I would like to thank Bruce Anstey who had Dobsy in his thoughts even in his moment of glory after the Senior TT.'

The statement also paid tribute to Paul Owen, a fellow TT racer who abandoned his own race to help marshals at the scene of the crash. He was later handed the 'Spirit of the TT' award for his selfless actions.

Mrs Dobbs added:

'I would especially like to thank Paul Owen. Paul was perhaps Dobsy's greatest rival and friend at the TT. They were very evenly matched and Dobsy measured his performance against Paul's. They invariably got together soon after a practice or race to share their experiences.'

'Paul's selfless and big hearted action on Thursday moves me beyond words. Without hesitation, he did everything in his power to try to help Dobsy. Paul truly embodies the spirit of the TT and I wish the award could be named after him for posterity.'

'This is a difficult time for Dobsy's mother, Dawn. I hope that she can overcome and put aside her hurting. She helped to make Dobsy what he was and she should be very proud. Dobsy's daughters, Eadlin and Hillberry, are two very special people. They have lived an honest and unsheltered life and I know they both understand exactly what this means. They will miss their Dad terribly and there will be some hard times over the coming weeks, months and years. But I also know that they have been shaped by having Dobsy in their lives and they are all the stronger, smarter and braver for that.'

'He really spoilt my week, but he has brought infinite joy, adventure and fun to our lives. He has energised and inspired. He will live forever in our esteem, our thoughts and our hearts.'