The final Superbike race at the 2019 North West 200 has been cancelled due to safety concerns.

After completing the warm-up lap for the final race of the event, a number of high-profile riders opted to pull out of the race over safety concerns with the rain intensifying and light dropping.

Shortly before 7:30pm, following a two-hour extension to a 9:00pm cut-off by organisers, the race officials confirmed the final Superbike race was cancelled due to poor weather conditions and fading light which made it unsafe to race.

“We didn’t have much luck during the early part of the day when we faced very challenging conditions but the teams, competitors and fans all stayed with us and we turned things around,” Event Director, Mervyn Whyte, said.

“We have decided in the interests of safety to bring the proceedings to a close now because the conditions have deteriorated once again.

“It is disappointing but I want to pay tribute to everyone who has supported us today and braved the weather to cheer on the riders as they put on a fantastic spectacle.”

Saturday’s action was delayed following rain suspensions which halted the morning’s action, before a TV helicopter collided with electricity power lines in the Magherabouy area which caused further delays.

After Daley Mathison crashed unhurt on the sighting lap for the Supersport race, an initial red flag was triggered at the end of Lap 1 when David Murphy fell off at Black Hill, also unhurt, with the stoppage required to clean the road following the incident.

A second lengthy delay passed with the second restart taking place at 1.30pm, again in wet conditions, with a number of riders opting not to take part.

The race completed one full lap again before Alastair Seeley suffered a mechanical failure on his EHA Yamaha while leading. The 24-time NW200-winner’s bike dropped oil on track at University which forced another red flag, while Victor Lopez also crashed at Black Hill further back.

Following a second clean-up at both University and Black Hill the Supersport race restarted around 3:00pm.

Despite shortened races a full programme was completed up until the final Superbike race which was called off after the warm-up lap with many riders assessing conditions as unsafe.

Earlier in the day both Davey Todd (Supersport) and James Hillier (Superstock) took their first wins at the NW200, with Glenn Irwin keeping his winning record going in the Superbike category and Jeremy McWilliams taking his third career victory with a triumph in the Supertwin race.

It meant for the first time in 11 years Seeley has failed to win a single race at the NW200.