Conditions for the final full practice session of the 2009 Manx Grand Prix were forecast as dry and sunny, but very windy on the Mountain. Lack of adhesion flags would be displayed where necessary due to wet roads.

Phil Taubman, Clerk of the Course requested riders to ride within their capabilities and to concentrate on getting qualifying laps in rather than speed in this final session.

Scheduled to be first away were the Classic, Post Classic, Ultra Lightweight and Newcomers B, who got away at 1822 and headed by the Ultra Lightweight machines of Dave Moffitt and Brian Purdy.

Brian Purdy was first through the Sulby Speed Trap 137.50mph, whilst back on Glencrutchery Road riders were still being flagged away.

First to complete a lap was Dave Moffitt with a lap of 100.233mph, closely followed by Purdy who was fractionally slower at 99.867mph.

Most riders were content on completing one lap, although the hardy few went for a second lap, despite the overcast skies and darkening cloud cover.

As the Senior, Junior, Lightweight and Newcomers A were preparing for the off, a shower of rain caused a flurry
of activity as waiting riders and pit crew sought cover or clung together under umbrellas. The rain somewhat decimated the numbers in Pit Lane, taking the decision to return to the Paddock and forego the chance of a lap.

Those that decided to practise started from Pit Lane at 1915. Ryan Kneen was first to complete a lap on his Junior machine at 98.947mph, followed by fellow Junior competitor Noel Patterson.

In all a total of 312 machines passed through Technical Inspection:

Senior Classic - 35
Junior Classic - 44
Senior - 25
Junior - 79
Lightweight / Ultra Lightweight - 71
Newcomers - 38
Post Classic - 20

The Chequered flag was displayed to all riders at 2005, bring an end to the final qualifying session of the 2009 Manx Grand Prix.

As last night conditions dictated lap speeds as is shown in the quickest laps this evening.

Junior Classic - Bill Swallow - 92.465mph
Lightweight Classic - Peter Symes - 87.457
Senior Classic - Olie Linsdell - 101.965
Newcomers B - Andy Lawson - 96.969
Ultra Lightweight - Dave Moffitt - 100.233
Junior - Stephen McIlvenna - 108.335
Lightweight - Dan Sayle - 99.587
Newcomers A - Leo Fitzgerald - 99.257
Senior - Stephen McIlvenna - 108.335
Post Classic 2 - Brian Mateer - 101.708
Post Classic 4 - Steve Hodgson - 93.717

Five incidents were reported during the evening, Paul Johnson was off at the Bungalow, Wayne Kirwan at Windy, whilst both Paul Noble and Leo Fitzgerald were off at Governor's in separate incidents - all OK.

Ryan Farquhar came off at Guthrie's and was Air Med to Nobles as a precaution, but has since been discharged.