With the summer months now well and truly with us, the time has come to reflect on the past eight months in the life of paralysed speedway star, Carlos Villar who is due to leave our shores for the final time to return to his native Argentina within the next couple of months.

Villar has been back to Middlesbrough's James Cook University Hospital in the last few weeks for another operation on his severed spine and is recuperating once more at the Berwick home of Yvonne Bebbington and her family, a mile from the track where he suffered such life-changing injuries back in October last year.

The Border town has taken Carlos, or Carlucho as he prefers to be known, to it's heart, being central to a worldwide fund raising campaign throughout speedway fans to raise over ?50,000 in order to help to provide as comfortable a life as possible of him.

With the inevitable departure of Carlos on the horizon the Villar Support Fund Committee are planning a farewell party for Carlos with full presentations to the Argentinean on Friday 30th of July in The Black and Gold venue situated in the grounds of Shielfield Park (7.30pm for 8pm).

This will be limited ticket event at a cost of ?5.00 per person, and hopefully a small buffet will be included. News on ticket sales will be released very soon.

Barry Campbell and his group have agreed to provide the music and there may well be a disco included on the night. This could be fans' last chance to say goodbye to Carlos.

The Carlos Villar Support Fund still open for any tracks to do collections or pay in any they have done already, or indeed for anyone to donate to, as Exeter did last night.



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