The draw has been made for the prestigious Premier League Fours at Workington on Saturday August 21 - 7pm. Comets promoter Ian Thomas said: "People who have not paid us a visit this season will notice that we have widened the back straight by some two-metres, making the track more exciting and faster, a point proved when our own Simon Stead took an amazing .7 of a second off his own track record a few weeks ago.

"Can it be broken again int he Fours I wonder? Our track curator, Tony Swales, is preparing a track which is fair to everyone, so we will wait and see."

Semi-final 1:

Matej Zagar, Danny Bird, Phil Morris, Andrew Appleton.

Paul Pickering, Jan Staechmann, Alan Mogridge, Robbie Kessler.

Carl Stonehewer, Simon Stead, Kauko Nieminen, Aidan Collins.

Adam Pietraszko, Adrian Rymel, Claus Kristensen, Josef Franc.

Semi-final 2:

Frede Schott, Peter Carr, Rory Schlein, Theo Pijper.

Shane Parker, George Stancl, Paul Bentley, James Grieves.

Rye House
Brent Werner, Chris Neath, Davey Watt, Scott Robson.

Magnus Karlsson, Ross Brady, Garry Stead, Emil Kramer.