Following Berwick Speedway's separation with Adrian Rymel, the action has been hot and heavy as Peter Waite went about the business of signing a suitable replacement, and now we know, the new man is 28-year-old-Pole, Stanislaw Burza, who's spent the last 9 years with Tarnow in his native Poland.

"This guy is the biggest signing I've made for the Bandits and watching him is nothing short of breath-taking!" said a thrilled Peter Waite late last night, "The man is a real quality star and he's ours! He's at this very moment on his way for our match on Saturday and I can't wait to see him attack our track against Redcar Bears.

"He has a magnificent pedigree, being part of the Tarnow team that won the Polish Extra League in 2003 along side high class team mates like Tomasz Gollob, Tony Richardson , Scott Nichols and Nicki Pedersen, and associating with guys like that every week has given this guy a gold-edged quality that will blow us to bits in the UK.

"I fully believe in our new man and expect some spectacular speedway coming our way from him very soon indeed. He's the one not to miss!"

Burza comes with a fine CV, and his arrival brings to end a chase of some 2 years to get him at the Border track, but back then he could not commit, but now he comes with a string of commendations and achievements, including a recent 9th in the European Championships at Rybnik.

He first began his speedway when he was 18, at Polish training schools in 1986, his natural ability taking only 3 short months to win his licence as opposed to the regular 24 months! He was straight into the Polish Division 2, with a team called the Swallows.

He took enforced time out for National Service for a year and a half, but remained loyal completely to his beloved Tarnow whom he returned with following the Army life. He and his Tarnow team won promotion to the Extra League in 2001, before the superb night Tarnow won the League Title, all courtesy of a fantastic heat win by Burza over the then World Champion, Nicki Pedersen in 2003.