Berwick's final meeting of the season went right to the wire, on 2 counts, firstly the meeting wasn't declared until after the final race was run, which finished right on the stroke of the curfew time of 9.30pm.

Only problem it was the end of Heat 14, the proposed Heat 15 ending up in the land fill of speedway.

Newcastle's reserve, Jamie Robertson, of The Rose team had a crisis before Heat 1, in which he was in, lined up as his bike seized on the parade lap, leading to some frantic pit activity, which led to him coming out on Alan Ferrow's machine, and finishing a fair way back from his Newcastle partner at reserve, Adam McKinna for The Thistle, who rode a truly excellent ride, fast and in control. (3-3).

Heat 2 took nearly 50 minutes to complete, as the initial running was called back as an unsatisfactory start with all 4 rides, whilst in the 2nd attempt, Cal McDade fell when out in the lead, right in front of John Morrison who had no chance of missing the fallen machine which launched him like a ramp upwards, crashing heavily into the 3rd bend track and fence.

McDade thankfully was unharmed, but Morrison received lengthy attention from the doctor and the team, although was conscious throughout. As is the norm at Berwick, the NHS County ambulance was called in to transfer him from the track vehicle to hospital, but the unusual decision was taken to bring the NHS ambulance on to the track an put him directly into it in order to reduce his discomfort to a maximum.

In the re run, Morris' engine packed in leaving Grey the only finisher in the 0-3 heat result, taking the progressive to Thistle 3, Rose 6.

Heat 3 was awarded when the highly impressive Scot's lad, Andrew Tully was leading decisively until he lost it on the final bend of the race, falling, stopping the race and turning it into a gifted 3-3 (6-9).

Heat 4 was re run following a 1st bend disaster for Rob Grant who went dramatically out of shape causing the pursuing Thistle representatives, Beaton and Morris, to fall. In the re run with all 4 riders, Grant flew out and made sure there was no repeat to win in the shared 3-3 result. (9-12).

Robertson's win in Heat 5, followed home by the Thistle's Tully who chased hard, and MacPhail provided another 3-3 (12-15), before the Thistle broke the pattern with McKinna taking another great win, and partner Blair grabbing 3rd thanks to an engine failure to Grant on the 2nd bend of the final lap. (4-2 16-17).

The odd heat scores continued in Heat 7 as both McDade and Jones fell out of contention leaving Beaton to beat Ferrow in the 3-2 result (19-19). The first maximum 5-1 heat win went the way of the Thistle side in Heat 8 following Flint's fall and exclusion from it's original running. Morris and Blair took the max, and the score to the Thistle's favour to 24-20.

All 4 back again in Heat 9's re run returned to the 3-3s, Grey retiring on the 3rd lap (27-23), before McKinna won Heat 10 over Jones and Blair recovering from a fall to take the guaranteed point as Ferrow had already fallen from the race. (4-2 31-25), but better was to come from the Rose select in Heat 11 with a maximum 1-5 which included a good pass from Flint round McDade in the 4th bend of lap 2. (32-30).

Ferrow was excluded from Heat 12 following a fall as The Thistle's Tully and Morris took maximum honours in the re run, Grey taking 3rd after a fall too. (5-1 37-31), whilst Heat 13's initial running came to an abrupt and unexpected end on the 1st bend of the 2nd lap when Grant's primary chain snapped, sending the rider somersaulting over the handlebars, crashing to the ground and severely bending the forks at an alarming angle.

Grant was excluded, but was also reported later as suffering from suspected concussion. Beaton was also out of the re run having fallen earlier in the 1st attempt leaving the re run a match race between Newcastle's 2 reserves, tonight on opposing sides, and this time it was the Rose's Robertson who took the win over the Thistle's McKinna in the 2-3 (39-34).

In the eventual final Heat 14, there was another big delay when MacPhail fell when leading, causing Jones and Grey to clatter into the debris. The two followers were ok, but MacPhail needed an ambulance ride off, but given the all clear late. With the curfew approaching Heat 14 finally came to an end right on 9.30pm with a 3-3 and a win for the Thistle squad 42-37.

"Great way to end a season!" said Bandit's boss, Peter Waite, "Once again the youngsters really gave the event their all and made it a meeting full to over flowing with incident and talking points. These junior challenges are good value for the fans."

The next event in the Bandit's calendar is the annual End of Season disco which this year is to be held at the Black and Gold in Shielfield Park on Saturday October 28th. Tickets are ?12.50 per head and available from the club now.