Twenty four of the world's leading speedway riders line up in Krsko, Solvenia on Saturday afternoon. Sixteen qualifiers join the bottom eight scorers from this years' Grand Prix series to race for just six places in the 2002 series. Will it be cut-throat on Saturday - you bet.

The meeting format is similar to a normal speedway Grand Prix event with a rider finishing third or fourth twice having only a trip home to look forward to and another year in the Grand Prix wilderness.

The sixteen successful riders from the various European qualification rounds meet first in a ten heat pre-main event. Eight will progress through to the main event where they will face the lowest eight scorers from the recently finished Grand Prix series.

Finally, just six of these fourteen riders will be fortunate enough to gain a coveted starting spot in the 2002 series - but which eight will it be. Looking at the field it's a brave person that would dare to predict.

Two ex-world champions (Sam Ermolenko and Gary Havelock) take part in the pre-main event along with riders of the calibre of Scott Nicholls, Chris Louis, Sean Wilson, Jason Lyons and Andreas Jonsson. Not forgetting current world under 21 champion David Kujawa.

Waiting in the main event are Nicki Pedersen, Piotr Protasiewicz, Carl Stonehewer, Matej Ferjan, Greg Hancock (another ex-world champion), Brian Andersen and Peter Karlsson. Rune Holta is fighting injury to take his place but it looks to be a losing battle for the unlucky Norwegian.

Luck will no doubt play a part but given what's a stake there will be no quarter given and the six that secure Grand Prix places for 2002 will be the six that have their share of luck but also 'want it' more than most and can cope with the pressure in an 'all or nothing' situation.

Sean Wilson certainly goes down in the 'want it' category by saying "I have raced at Krsko three times previously and know and like the track. The format is new to me, but the bottom line is to keep winning or running
seconds at least."

1. Nicki Pedersen
2. Carl Stonehewer
3. Greg Hancock
4. Rune Holta (doubtful)
5. Peter Karlsson
6. Brian Andersen
7. Matej Ferjan
8. Piotr Protasiewicz
9. Andy Smith
10. Chris Louis
11. Kaj Laukkanen
12. Sebastian Ulamek
13. Scott Nicholls
14. Bohumil Brhel
15. Andreas Jonsson
16. Wieslaw Jagus
17. Sean Wilson
18. Antonin Kasper
19. Jason Lyons
20. Damian Balinski
21. Lars Gunnestad
22. Sam Ermolenko
23. Gary Havelock
24. David Kujawa