Basildon, Essex based speedway rider Colin White will be making sure his colleagues at Arena Essex are tailor made for success this season because the Kent Sweepers sponsored Hammers star is currently making the team's riding suits.

He explained, "The promoters were looking at ways of smartening up the image on a race night and it was suggested that we should all have identical racewear. I work for a company, GTS Racewear, that manufactures these items and the thing just took off from there really."

Now preparing for his eleventh season with the club, "Chalky" is confident that the side will do well this season explaining, "It's about time that Arena won something, particularly for the fans who have been very loyal. The promoters are keen to make the club successful and they've done well to persuade Kelvin Tatum to ride for us. With the riders we have, one trophy that everyone is tipping us to win is the Premier League Fours. On paper, we have a line-up that compares favourably to anyone else, not only to win the Fours but to challenge for all the other major honours. But you always need that element of luck, particularly in avoiding injuries which can wreck your hopes for the season."

Now 29 years old, White is hopeful that he can prove to be one of the leading riders in the Premier League stating, "I want to be the top dog or thereabouts this season. My intention this year is merely to turn up and ride and win races and be one of the best riders both in our team and the League. I know I can ride most of the tracks pretty fast, it's just consistency that I need.

"The only way that I can earn money at this sport is by getting good scores both home and away. The only way you earn money is by scoring points. I'm not getting any younger and I'm determined to enjoy this year more than ever. If I'm enjoying myself, then I'm sure I'm going to be getting more points. The costs involved in this sport as a rider are increasing every year and you need to maintain a good average just to pay your way. But I love riding and I want to do a good job for Arena and my bank balance!"