Mildenhall are continuing to build a very impressive list of staff for the new 2002 season with the announcement that one of the sport's longest serving promoters, Peter Thorogood, has joined the club.

Thorogood, who "retired" earlier this year after 18 years with Arena Essex, has been appointed as the new track manager, using former promoter Dingle
Brown's existing staff, and joins promoter Tony Mole and general/team manager Graham Drury.

68 year-old Thorogood is one of the sport's most colourful characters and brings with him an abundance of experience built up after more than 30 years' involvement in speedway.

He began his involvement in the sport back in 1968 at Rayleigh. He then went into partnership with current Rye House promoter Len Silver at Crayford in 1973 before moving onto Arena Essex ten years later as the Purfleet club were about to be born.

Thorogood spent the next 18 years of his life with Arena. "It's been my life", he said earlier this year, and was "absolutely gutted" when he was asked to retire in the new year by Colin Brine, head of the Hammers promotion.

The news was devastating for him. He said at the time: "I've got no choice. It's their decision and I have to go along with that. I don't want to retire, what's the point? I still love what I do. I'm shocked and devastated."

But when he declared he hoped something would come along to keep him involved in the sport, he was linked in close circles to Mildenhall when news spread that a new promoter was stepping in and therefore this news will not surprise many people.

Meanwhile, promoter Tony Mole has also confirmed that the Fen Tigers have been turned down by a couple of experienced riders as the club searches for their main target - a rider/coach.

The Mildenhall press and practice day, which takes place on Thursday 18 April, begins at 12pm, will be followed by a meeting of track officials.

There will also be a supporters meeting held at the stadium at 8pm that evening subject to confirmation from Graham Drury.