Mildenhall find themselves unable to include Steve Camden in their 2002 septet but another name on the team sheet is Darren Andrews.

Camden, the club's inspirational number one of the past three seasons, has such a high average that he can't be accommodated at Mildenhall following the arrival of Wayne Broadhurst.

General manager Graham Drury gave encouragement to up-and-coming riders after a chance and said: "As a promoter, I realise to put people through the turnstiles, they like to see young local riders getting into the team and progressing. I can say now categorically that any local young lads who want to become a speedway rider, all the doors will be open for them at Mildenhall."

He continued: "The long term plan is to get Mildenhall speedway into the Premier League. That is the aim. I've got to say that when Tony Mole approached me regarding the General Manager and Team Manager of Mildenhall speedway my initial reaction, and I've got to be honest, because it was Conference League, I wasn't particularly interested. But when Tony said to me he was going in there with a plan, a long-term aim, is to take it into the Premier League, I got very excited about that."

He also hailed the capture of veteran speedway man Peter Thorogood as track manager as the best signing they've done so far, although this was before the coup of Wayne Broadhurst. Drury commenting: "The best signing Tony Mole and myself have done at the minute is the signing of Peter Thorogood. Because Peter is renowned throughout the world of speedway as being one of the best curators in the country. In my opinion, he is the best, and to have him on board is a major, major plus for Mildenhall speedway."

Mildenhall hold their press and practice day will take place on Wednesday 17 April at West Row, with riders on track from Noon with Drury emphasising that this will be open to the public.