The Somerset Giants had their first run out of the season as a mini-team immediately after the Trelawny Conference League match, and put in some solid performances.

Looking impressive was 16-year old David Gough, who will be racing down in West Wales this season for the newly-formed Dragons, and his progress will be closely monitored by the Somerset management.

Jessica Lamb was back in action after missing the previous week with illness, and the Giants lady rider ended with two hard earned points with injured Reading rider Brendon MacKay mechanicing for her.

Showing perhaps the best form he has had at Somerset for some time was Bristolian Andy Carfield, racing with more aggression, and including a good heat win in his six points, whilst Graig Gough's scoring was curtailed by an exclusion after a fall on the pits bend in his second ride.

Stuart Williams tigered hard for his points and featured in several close battles for points whilst Jamie Holmes and Matt Cross both got into the thick of the action.

The squad will have another run-out after the clash with Newport this week, and then have an invite to send a side to Camarthen's opening meeting on Sunday 21 April to race their junior team.

Ray Dickson will be looking forward to this and still awaits the first call to get the full Giants team on track for a full 15 heat challenge.