Attendees at the latest meeting of the Save Long Eaton Stadium campaign heard that speedway is unlikely to return to the town until 2005.

The meeting was chaired by Martin North while the new Hull promotional team of Nigel Wordsworth and John Bailey were in attendance. Ian McHugh, Planning Manager for Erewash Borough Council, also addressed the audience.

A further meeting has taken place between the prospective purchasers, the local council and representatives of the campaign group, during which it was emphasised that the buyers intend to "do things properly" with regard to planning and management of the site. The major implication of this is that speedway is unlikely to return to the Station Road venue until 2005.

Nigel Wordsworth said that consideration was given to trying to run in 2004 but it was decided that suitable progress could not be made in time to declare an intention to run at next years' Promoters Conference.

The main problem would appear to be that even if the site is purchased by Christmas, as expected, the planning process could take up to a year and then a further year for building to be completed.