Nick Fafard edged out Michel Lemay to take the honours in the Division one final of the first round of the Quebec Ice Speedway Championship at St. Come, Canada.

Lemay was the more impressive and raced to victory in the two qualifying heats but he had to give second best to the determined Farad, who got up to snatch first place by a matter of inches as the flag fell.

A small crowd of hardy souls gathered to watch the ice-action and in addition to seeing Farad bag the division one final they also witnessed Philip Lemay claim division two and Steve Corsette division three.

Quebec Ice Speedway Championship, St. Come:
Division 1
1. Nick Fafard
2. Michel Lemay
3. Gaetan Carignan
Division 2
1. Philip Lemay
2. Jocelyn Lesieur
3. Maxim Legault
Division 3
1. Steve Cosette
2. Eric Lefebvre
3. Jacques Gagner