Reading Racers have another tough test Monday night, when they take on Isle of Wight Islanders in the British League Cup at Smallmead Stadium.

The Islanders confidence will be boosted by the 56-34 drubbing they gave Racers last Tuesday, in the first leg of the same competition.

Once again Reading have a difficult task to overcome, against a team that probably has the best heat-leader trio in the Premier League. With former Racer Ray Morton leading the team, and Smallmead track specialists Danny Bird and Adam Shields as heat-leader support, it is a match the Smallmead men will have to be right on the top of their game if they want to come out on top.

Having said that, it is still a match that Reading are capable of winning, if they ride to their true potential. The home side will be boosted by the
news that skipper Phil Morris, looked to be back to something like his best in the defeat at Arena Essex on Friday. Also new Swede Jonas Davidsson,
probably had his best return for Euphony Racers in the same match.

Racers once again call up Rye House Aussie youngster Joel Parsons, to ride in place of Daniel King, as the 16-year-old is illegible to ride in the British league Cup.

Reading (from): Phil Morris, Jonas Davidsson, Scott Smith, Andrew Appleton, Paul Clews, Shane Colvin, Joel Parsons

Isle of Wight (from): Adam Shields, Ray Morton, Danny Bird, Sebastian Tresarrieu, Glen Phillips, Gary Phelps, Chris Mills

[Pic credit: Matt Sprake - NewsPics Ltd]