Oxford's Nicki Pedersen has made almost the best possible start to his 2003 Grand Prix campaign by beating all the odds and finishing second. Pedersen, who won at the Slaski last year, fought back from a tough start to claim second place.

He was excluded from his first race after clashing with fellow Dane Bjarne Pedersen. Nicki argued his case with the referee but was in a more reflective mood following the meeting: "I was angry at the time but when I watched the TV replays I can see that Tony was probably right. A couple of years ago I would have lost it but I kept my focus and I am very pleased with the result."

It was not such a good night for the other Oxford representatives. Todd Wiltshire, who's league form has been sensational, failed to recover from a first heat engine failure and went out with only two points. Sebastian Ulamek, who had been given a wild card for this round, fared slightly better and finished with four Grand Prix points.