Complete Saturday shootout qualifying times from the VIP Petfoods Main Event at Eastern Creek Raceway, the 13th and final round in the 2003 Australian V8 Supercars Championship.

1. Mark SkaifeHolden RacingHolden Commodore VY1min 32.48760ecs
2.Todd KellyHolden RacingHolden Commodore VY1min 32.9156secs
3.Jason BrightTeam BrockHolden Commodore VX1min 33.0504secs
4. Marcos AmbrosePirtek RacingFord Falcon BA1min 33.0745secs
5.Craig LowndesFord Performance RacingFord Falcon BA1min 33.1261secs
6.Max WilsonShell Helix RacingFord Falcon BA1min 33.2579secs
7.Steven RichardsCastrol Perkins RacingHolden Commodore VY1min 33.7456secs
8.Glenn SetonFord Performance RacingFord Falcon BA1min 33.7854secs
9.Paul RadisichTeam Betta ElectricalFord Falcon BA1min 33.7924secs
10.David BesnardFord Performance RacingFord Falcon BA1min 33.8328secs
11.Mark LarkhamOrrcon Steel RacingFord Falcon AU1min 33.9154secs
12.Steve JohnsonShell Helix RacingFord Falcon BA1min 33.9302secs
13.Cameron McConvilleSmash RepairsHolden Commodore VX1min 33.9327secs
14.Greg MurphyK-Mart RacingHolden Commodore VY1min 33.9559secs
15.Garth TanderGarry Rogers MotorsportsHolden Commodore VY1min 33.9586secs
16.Rick KellyK-Mart RacingHolden Commodore VX1min 33.9787secs
17.Steve EllerySuper Cheap Auto RacingFord Falcon BA1min 34.0187secs
18.Russell IngallCaltex Havoline RacingFord Falcon BA1min 34.0489secs
19.Paul WeelTeam BrockHolden Commodore VX1min 34.1635secs
20.Simon WillsTeam DynamikHolden Commodore VY1min 34.2596secs
21.Jason BargwannaOrrcon Steel RacingFord Falcon BA1min 34.2635secs
22.Jason RichardsTeam DynamikHolden Commodore VY1min 34.3314secs
23.John BoweOzEmail RacingFord Falcon BA1min 34.4242secs
24.Jamie WhincupGarry Rogers MotorsportHolden Commodore VY1min 34.6032secs
25.Paul DumbrellCastrol Perkins RacingHolden Commodore VX1min 34.6134secs
26.Dean CantoTeam Betta ElectricalFord Falcon BA1min 34.7008secs
27.Craig BairdTeam Kiwi RacingHolden Commodore VX1min 34.7687secs
28.Paul MorrisSirromet WinesHolden Commodore VY1min 34.8456secs
29.Mark NoskeICS Team FordFord Falcon AU1min 34.9141secs
30.Brad JonesOzEmail RacingFord Falcon BA1min 35.0176secs
31.David KrauseRomano RacingHolden Commodore VX1min 35.9353secs
32.Anthony TrattToll RacingFord Falcon BA1min 36.1515secs

Outside 105% rule

33.David ThextonThexton Motor RacingFord Falcon AU1min 37.2094secs



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