The jetsetting lifestyle of an international rally crew is never easy. Just ask the two Skoda motorsport crews of Toni Gardemeister and Paavo Lukander, and Kenneth Eriksson and Tina Thorner.

Although they have just completed Rally Australia - more than 24 hours away from their European homes - they are straight back on a plane and ready for a hectic series of commitments before the Rally Great Britain in two weeks time.

Gardemeister and Lukander always travel together, and they are off home to Finland today for a relaxing... two days. They've hardly got time to see family and friends before they are back on a plane on Thursday en route for the Czech Republic, via Vienna. They've got some testing planned in the Czech Republic, but the problem is - as Lukander and Gardemeister point out - that Finland is not the easiest place to get to or from...

After their test is finished, they plan to fly home to Finland - for just one day.

Then on Sunday they fly to Cardiff, to begin their preparations for the Rally Great Britain. ''It's a crazy lifestyle, but you get used to it,'' says Lukander. ''I'm very adaptable to my surroundings so it's not a problem, but sometimes I have difficulty sleeping!''

Eriksson and Thorner have also got a packed schedule before the Rally Great Britain. Kenneth is flying home to Sweden for a business meeting, and then he has a few days at home before flying out to rain-lashed Cardiff for the Rally Great Britain. Tina is not so lucky, as she has to come out to Britain a few days early. She has an outgoing, bubbly personality, so is perfect for interviews. That's why BBC radio want to interview her before the rally - but it means that she has to sacrifice some time at home.

''I don't really mind,'' says Thorner. ''I love travel, and this sort of thing comes as part of the job. In any case, I think I'd get very bored if I were sitting around at home all day...''