The Hyundai pairing of Pete Littler and co-driver Andy Marchbank took the RED-entered Hyundai Accent WRC to its first win of the year, with a dominant display at the recent Cambrian Rally in North Wales. The Cambrian Rally is a tough one-day event taking place in Llandudno, and the pair were never out of the top three throughout. In fact, the only problem they had was a minor handbrake glitch.

But with the help of an engineer from works Hyundai team Motor Sport Developments, the problem was quickly cured and the Accent was soon flying! Co-driver Andy said: "The problem cost us a bit, but after that we were setting storming times. The car was excellent, and it's a great result just ahead of the Network Q Rally."

Their Accent WRC finished more than a minute ahead of the second place finisher - which bodes well for the next event on their calendar, the Network Q Rally from 22-25 November.

Pete added: "The Hyundai has an excellent chassis enabling it to handle really well over the bumps and jumps. This is the first overall victory for the Accent WRC in this country, and the way the car performs I'm sure it won't be the last."