Following a remarkable period of rehabilitation over the two weeks since his horrendous accident on Rallye Deutschland, Armin Schwarz has been signed off as fit to contest the Rallye Sanremo later this month.

Schwarz broke several ribs when he and co-driver Manfred Hiemer plunged off a wet road on the first Rallye Deutschland to be included in the world championship, but Dr Paul Trafford, the Hyundai Castrol World Rally Team doctor, said both men would be able to contest the final tarmac round of the 2002 campaign.

"Armin has been treated by a very skilled physiotherapist and osteopath, Siegfried Hornikel, who he has been working with in Germany since 1996," Trafford explained, "He has been using magnetic therapy for Armin's injuries to promote healing and callus formation, as well as salt water therapy to increase shoulder blade movement over the broken ribs and to break down adhesions.

"I am amazed that he has such a good range of movement and is in no pain. All the treatment has worked exceptionally well considering you would expect broken ribs to have put Armin out of action for 5-6 weeks because of the pain and limitation of shoulder movement."

"I'm feeling really good now," Schwarz, the crowd favourite on his native event, confirmed, "Last Wednesday, I was still in a bit of pain but began some work on my bike at home. By Thursday, it was like a switch went - all the blood felt like it was pumping back round my body and I felt a lot better. I have been receiving 8-9 hours treatment a day so as not to allow anything to seize up, and it really has worked. Siegfried will also come to Sanremo with me so we can continue treatment as much as possible.

"Manni [Hiemer] has also received 5-6 treatments with the physio as his ribs were quite bruised. He is now feeling good and we are both looking forward to getting to Sanremo."