The high pressure settled over central Europe appears to be edging its way towards Scandinavia, just in time to provide largely dry and fine weather for the already tricky Rally Finland.

Jyvaskyla, Finland

A mainly dry day on the cards as an area of high pressure nudges in. That said, an area of light to moderate showers are expected to pass through the region from midday onwards, lasting into the evening before clearing away. Despite breezes from the north, around the anticyclone, it will feel pleasantly warm for Finland at around 20C / 68F. Risk of precipitation currently stands at 40 per cent.

A dry and comfortable day. Some sunshine throughout, but also a mix of cloudy periods too. Some showers flirting close to the east of the country, but shouldn't interfere too much. Highs of 19C are expected, equating to 66F. Risk of precipitation currently stands at 20 per cent.

A fine start to the day, although the risk of showers increases ahead of more unsettled weather into the following new week. Sunshine and patchy clouds with showers building during the afternoon. Slightly cooler today as the breeze picks up with maximum temperatures of 18C / 64F. Risk of precipitation currently stands at 30 per cent.

Weather information kindly provided by Martin Chuter CNS