The 555 Subaru World Rally Team will have a 'secret weapon' for the Rallye Sanremo this weekend, when they run a type of active ride on Petter Solberg's Subaru Impreza.

According to reports by British newspaper The Guardian Subaru's system will be known as 'roll control', however it will serve the same purpose as active suspension, namely to optimize ride height to improve aerodynamic performance and tyre grip.

Active suspension was banned in Formula One in 1993, and a similar ban will come into force in World Rally in 2005.

How this will affect Solberg this weekend remains to be seen. On the one hand it could give him a decisive advantage, on the other it could be unreliable, therefore costing the Norwegian and his team vital championship points.

Team principal David Lapworth, told the broadsheet newspaper: "We're looking to be competitive [in Italy]. I wouldn't stick my neck out and say we're going to win, but in terms of Petter's ability to be in a position to win the championship, I think we've done enough to give him that chance."

Tommi Makinen's sister Impreza will run without 'roll control'.