Eurosport will join ITV1 in screening the FIA World Rally Championship in 2004 in the UK.

According to, Eurosport has signed a two-year deal with ISC [International Sportsworld Communications], and as such coverage will feature on both British Eurosport and Eurosport News.

Following news that Channel 4 has dropped plans to broadcast the WRC, and that ITV1 will only screen a 1-hour review on the Sunday of the event, this is good news for rallies fans, as Eurosport has pledged to show 30-minute highlight programmes at the end of each leg, as Channel 4 did in 2003.

Simon Long, ISC's managing director, told "In conjunction with our production partner, Chrysalis we will produce a series of programmes exclusively made for Eurosport viewers which, I am sure, will further raise the profile of WRC across Europe by delivering great entertainment."

ITV1 meanwhile has revealed that it's programme will be fronted by Angus Scott, the man previously responsible for the coverage of the Rugby World Cup, Scott will be joined by former Channel 4 WRC duo, John Desborough and ex-driver Robbie Head.