SS16 - Olymops 2 (33.4 kms): Solberg fastest through SS16; Loeb second; Duval third; Sainz fourth; Panizzi fifth; Gronholm sixth; Andersson heads the JWRC category; Loeb leads the overall event by 31.2secs.

Stage times and overall standings after SS16.

Top ten stage times for SS16:

1. Petter SolbergSubaru Impreza WRC 200425mins 00.3secs
2. Sebastien LoebCitroen Xsara WRC+00mins 05.3secs
3. Francois DuvalFord Focus RS WRC 04+00mins 08.3secs
4. Carlos SainzCitroen Xsara WRC+00mins 10.5secs
5. Gilles PanizziMitsubishi Lancer WRC04+00mins 15.1secs
6. Marcus GronholmPeugeot 307 WRC+00mins 16.1secs
7. Markko MartinFord Focus RS WRC 04+00mins 16.4secs
8. Mikko HirvonenSubaru Impreza WRC 2004+00mins 24.1secs
9. Gianluigi GalliMitsubishi Lancer WRC04+00mins 58.9secs
10. Janne TuohinoFord Focus WRC 02+01mins 18.6secs

Overall times after SS16:

1. Sebastien LoebCitroen Xsara WRC4hours 44mins 21.5secs
2. Marcus GronholmPeugeot 307 WRC+00mins 31.2secs
3. Petter SolbergSubaru Impreza WRC 2004+00mins 49.6secs
4. Carlos SainzCitroen Xsara WRC+03mins 01.0secs
5. Francois DuvalFord Focus RS WRC 04+04mins 38.2secs
6. Mikko HirvonenSubaru Impreza WRC 2004+06mins 08.7secs
7. Janne TuohinoFord Focus WRC 02+11mins 31.8secs
8. Anthony WarmboldFord Focus WRC 02+20mins 54.6secs
9. Serkan YaziciFord Focus WRC+21mins 37.0secs
10. Gianluigi GalliMitsubishi Lancer WRC04+32mins 08.7secs

11. Per-Gunnar Andersson Suzuki Ignis+36mins 19.2secs12. Kosti KatajamakiSuzuki Ignis+36mins 28.1secs13. Guy WilksSuzuki Ignis+37mins 18.8secs14. Guerlain ChicheritCitroen Saxo+39mins 13.6secs
15. Hakan DincSubaru Impreza+39mins 18.4secs16. Urmo AavaSuzuki Ignis+40mins 01.7secs17. Mirco BaldacciSuzuki Ignis+41mins 50.5secs
18. Ali ErsinMitsubishi Evo VI+48mins 30.6secs
19. Hamdi UnalFiat Palio Super 1600+48mins 36.1secs
20. Burak CukurovaRenault Clio Super 1600+48mins 36.8secs

Overall JWRC after SS16:

1. Per-Gunnar Andersson Suzuki Ignis5hours 20mins 40.7secs2. Kosti KatajamakiSuzuki Ignis+00mins 08.9secs3. Guy WilksSuzuki Ignis+00mins 59.6secs

Notable retirements*:

SS4. Gilles PanizziMitsubishi Lancer WRC04Electrical.
SS13. Harri RovanperaPeugeot 307 WRCGearbox.

* Under the new 'SupeRally' system, retired cars can re-start on subsequent legs. However as the system is currently being used only as an experiment, competitors will not be eligible for points and will not be classified in the overall standings.

Italics denotes Junior World Rally Championship entries.