Kris Meeke will be in the spotlight on next week's Catalunya Rally in Spain, when he gives Citro?n's C2 its Junior World Rally Championship debut.

The 25-year-old has switched to the French marque's machine for the final round of the championship, and will be run by front-running European and World Rally Championship outfit Kronos Racing on the event.

Although Meeke has not been able to test the car yet, because of the team's hectic schedule, he has joined the squad for this weekend's Antibes Rally in the south of France, where Bruno Thiry will drive the car.

"It is good just to be around the team and car, and get a feel for how everything works," Meeke said. "The amount of experience within the team really stands out, and watching the
car on the shakedown stage it was clear that it works extremely well on asphalt.

"I was also able to have a run in the co-driver's seat alongside Bruno and, while that's no substitute for getting behind the wheel myself, it did provide me with a good insight into what the car can do. Everyone in the team has been fantastically helpful, and I hope I can keep learning throughout the rally this weekend."

Having finished second in Catalunya last season, Meeke is determined to end the season on a high and he hopes to battle for his first victory in the Junior category.

"It's clear that I am going to be behind everyone else in terms of knowing the car and having a set up refined to my likings," he said. "But I am trying to turn that into a positive. Everyone knows the handicap I have, but I want to use that to surprise people and prove that I can learn a car very quickly.

"Last year I was second in Catalunya and, in a career where you have to keep pushing yourself and setting new goals, I guess the only thing to aim for is to go one better. Everyone expects the Renault to be the pace-setter on asphalt, but I'd like to think I can give them a run for their money and end the season on a positive note."