Win a new slim-line PS2 with Codemasters and Colin McRae Rally 2005.

It's getting towards the end of the year now, and one of the things that means is that next weekend the some of the greatest stars of racing and rallying will descend on Paris for the Race of Champions. In order to help him practice, Colin's been using Colin McRae Rally 2005 to get into the quick-fire mindset needed for success on the short, twisty side-by-side Superspecial stages as used in the competition and of which several are included in Colin McRae Rally 2005.

Anyway - CMR2005 isn't just for international rallying superstars, it's for anyone who loves rallying- and we're offering a prize of a copy of the game, a T-shirt, and Sony's amazing new version of the PS2 that's small, silent, and oh-so-sleek. It also comes with a built in online adapter that means that, as long as you've got a broadband internet connection, you'll be able to take on the world in online CMR2005 rallies.

All you need to do to win this recipe for success (and to save some space in your living room if you already own a PS2) is answer this simple question:

Which country is Colin McRae representing in the Race of Champions Nations' Cup?

Enter here - for your chance to win the latest Sony PS2!