Peugeot boss, Corrado Provera has revealed that he reckons the team have two of the 'best drivers of the moment' in the shape of Marcus Gronholm and Markko Martin.

Provera, speaking as the clock ticks toward the opening round of the championship, added that while it will be tough to win this coming weekend in Monte Carlo, he wants the team to go out on a high this year, by winning back the drivers' and manufacturers' titles, which they last took in 2002.

"This is the time for new year wishes," he stated, "and ours is to win back the world title that has eluded us these past two years and to end our spell in rallying in style before moving on to other things in 2006.

"With Markko Martin coming in to reinforce our line-up alongside Marcus Gronholm, we have two of the best drivers of the moment, so we can but be optimistic as far as their potential goes.

"As far as the car is concerned, it will have wider track dimensions which will improve its handling and, above all, while the 307 WRC proved competitive - if too fragile - last year, we ended the 2004 season and completed our recent test programme without any problems on the reliability front, so that's very reassuring.

"Last but not least, it's clear that Pirelli tyres are competitive over a full season. It's up to us to get the best out of them as quickly as possible, and we seem to be well on the way to that."