Citroen's Dani Sordo is hoping to be able to re-start the Rallye de France-Tour de Corse under the SupeRally on Saturday following his accident today [Friday] in stage three.

Sordo crashed out 800 metres from the start of the 27.42 kilometre-run through Arbellara-Aullene 1, when he hit a bank in his C4 WRC car. Although Dani and co-driver Marti Marti both escaped uninjured, they were not able to continue.

Assuming Sordo can rejoin the fold on day two, he will pick up 20 minutes worth of penalties - something that will drop him way down the leaderboard. He had been running second overall post-SS2.

"About 800 metres after the start of SS3, there was a small bump in the braking zone for a left-hand turn at the end of a particularly fast, narrow, downhill section, and that was enough to cause my car to lift slightly," Sordo explained on Citroen's official website.

"I braked as hard as I could without locking the wheels but the rear of my C4 hit a bank which caused the front end to hit a rock. That in turn ripped off the left-side wheel and we were unable to continue.

"It's a huge shame. I had found a good pace, I felt completely at one with my car and we had just moved into second place. We will have a look to see how much damage there is and then decided whether we can re-start tomorrow under the SupeRally ruling."