Redding is one of the tallest WorldSBK riders on the grid and subsequently suffers when it comes to top speed and corner exit, compared to the likes of world champion Alvaro Bautista who is both smaller and lighter.  

The BMW rider has been a big advocate for introducing a weight limit, which Jonathan Rea believes could be implemented for the 2024 season. 

However, comments made from Redding about Bautista last season which suggested the Ducati rider could win the title based on his slight frame and that weighing around 53kg was unfair, have not gone down well with Team HRC rider, Lecuona.

"I’m angry about what he says," said Lecuona. "What Redding does on Instagram, in the social media with Alvaro, comparing, but I think you cannot compare. Like Xavi [Vierge] says, he wins in some areas, I lose in some areas or in the opposite.

"I’m 100 percent that Redding, when he is on the podium, he doesn't have this comment!

"Or when it is raining and he goes fast or if he needs to fight with Alvaro, he can win, not easier, but he can win because is bigger on the bike. So in general, I don’t know, like Xavi says. I’m angry about this comment."

For clarity, this is what Redding had to say on the subject last year: "I think Bautista can win the title because he has a big advantage, especially on the straights. 

"Also because Ducati is fast and he weighs around 53kg, which is not very fair. This gives him an advantage over the others. 

"He can extract two tenths on the straight and overtakes no matter how late you brake."

Vierge, who is both shorter and lighter than his Spanish team-mate, acknowledged that his machine tends to be slightly quicker on the straights, an advantage that will be wiped away should a weight limit be imposed. 

"About the minimum weight is difficult to say," added Vierge. "In our box we have this, Iker is much heavier than me and for sure he has some negatives, but also some positives, as do I myself. 

"Of course, my bike is much faster on the straight, but then I’m not able to use the rear grip like him. I was always struggling with the grip.

"It’s difficult because now for example, if we put the minimum weight I will not have the advantage of the straight but I will continue having the disadvantage of not using the rear grip so it’s not easy to be fair for everybody, let’s say.

"In the small categories, like Moto3, the difference is huge but In big categories like MotoGP and Superbikes I think it’s really difficult to find the correct compromise."