Gardner, who already made his WorldSBK debut in December, was again on track at Jerez for the first of two days testing on Wednesday.

11th quickest in a test that has many of the major players involved, Gardner clocked over 80 laps as conditions were much improved compared to last year’s outing.

"Yeah it was fun! Very different to what I’m used to," added Gardner. "New tyres which I think is the biggest thing at the moment and just understanding how much confidence the front tyre gives and how much support as well. 

"Did lots of laps, something like 80 laps which is crazy but it was just good to understand what I need to adapt and change. I have some bad habits from last year that I’m trying to kick."

When pushed further on what he needs to change to get more performance from his R1, Gardner said: "Just ride easier and more fluid. Last year I had to ride like a fucking animal every single lap and every single corner to go half-fast. 

"After a year of that and also the tyres are very different as well. I’ve gotta let it flow a bit more."

Gardner is expected to be one of the leading contenders for both Independent Rider of the year honours and top rookie.

For that to happen the Australian will likely need to rely on one of his greatest strengths, which is braking.

And after a full day of running under his belt, the former Moto2 champion does not believe that differences between Superbike and MotoGP are that substantial in this regard, however, many other aspects regarding cornering are. 

"Braking is kind of similar but it’s kind of that turning, trail-braking and getting off the brakes as well," said Gardner. 

"You can push on it so hard and you can feel where it’s at. Sometimes the carbon brakes would lock even in a straight line. 

"Different lines as well with the Yamaha as it’s a different bike. I’m just trying to experiment and find the direction."

Many riders transitioning over from MotoGP or another championship that hasn’t been running Pirelli tyres, have often claimed that understanding how to unlock the tyres’ performance is key to adapting to Superbikes.  

But despite his limited time on Pirelli tyres, Gardner has been impressed with its capability thus far: "It gives you a good feeling and gives you good feedback at the moment. I need to find the limit of that. At the moment it’s okay but we need to ride faster. 

"We started out with something strange on the first set of tyres and the bike was vibrating when I was braking. We back-checked different bikes, different brakes and it was still there. 

"So we changed tyres and then it was gone but we lost a good part of the morning. After that it was about catching back up and we made some good steps."