The reigning WorldSBK champion appears destined to make it back-to-back titles despite only four rounds of the 2023 season having taken place.

Winner of 11 from 12 races, Bautista, along with Ducati have proved to be an even greater obstacle to overcome for the remainder of the WorldSBK grid.

However, the same type of success is not being had by other Ducati riders, including teammate Michael Ruben Rinaldi who is again facing uncertainty when it comes to his position within the team for 2024.

Bautista is already secure for next season after signing a new one-year deal with the team, and although his relationship with Rinaldi is a strong one, the former MotoGP rider is not bothered about who lines up alongside him. 

Bautista told "I don’t know who my teammate will be. Honestly, I don’t have a preference. For sure, I have a really good relationship with Rinaldi, but I know that many riders want to have that bike. 

"It will be a difficult decision for the team. Anyway, for me, it doesn’t change anything. It would be interesting to see a top rider who says that I win because of the bike to have the chance to ride the bike. 

"I know that to have two top riders in the same team is difficult to manage so I don’t think Ducati wants this."

Bautista hits back at ‘lightweight’ claims again after stunning WorldSBK performances

While some believed that Bautista had a clear advantage due to his light frame last season, and still do, the Ducati rider has consistently shown an ability to win on all types of tracks and conditions.

Yes, Bautista appears even more dominant at circuits with longer straights, but Assen, Mandalika and Phillip Island were clear signs that Bautista is a big reason as to why he’s making the difference. 

"When people say I win because I have the best bike or I’m light or whatever… for me, my bike is the best," added Bautista. "If you don’t have a good bike, a good team and you are not a fast rider, you cannot win. 

"In the end, it’s the combination. I give my best with the bike and use all the performance of the Ducati. I don’t think I win because I’m light or because I have the best bike. I have the whole package to win. 

"At the moment, I’m not complaining about my 2023 season. More than the results, I think the feeling I have with the bike has been the best feeling in my whole career. 

"It means I can do everything on the bike, and it follows my riding style, so I enjoy every lap, every corner so I’m so happy, more than the results, for the feeling I have with the bike and with the team."