Alex Lowes: “I’m probably a bit too old to be making moves like that”

Alex Lowes jokes he’s too old for the kind of bold overtakes at Lukey Heights which saw him beat WorldSBK champion Alvaro Bautista.

Alvaro Bautista, Alex Lowes, race 2, Australian WorldSBK, 25 February
Alvaro Bautista, Alex Lowes, race 2, Australian WorldSBK, 25 February

Alex Lowes won his first WorldSBK race in four years by claiming top spot in the Superpole Race at Phillip Island.

But it was his performance in Race 2 which had everyone on their feet.

In contention throughout, Lowes grew stronger as the race went on before claiming the lead with three corners to go.

Coming around the outside of Alvaro Bautista at Lukey Heights - one of the fastest corners on the circuit - Lowes swept past the Ducati rider before holding on across the line.

“I knew my speed was there but I’ve had a lot of injuries,” began Lowes. “We are there now; I don't know for the rest of the year but I am going to enjoy the moment now because I've worked hard in the off-season.

“To get two wins today was fantastic and mixing it up there with the Ducatis makes me really happy.

“I'm probably a bit old to be making moves like that at Lukey Heights! I enjoyed having my brother here this weekend too, I didn't want him to beat me so he gave me a kick up the arse.

“I had a good week after a good winter. When I'm in fifth or sixth gear, the bike is fast!

“We'll see for the rest of the season but we are always fast here. Let's see when we have the slow exit onto the straight.”

While Lowes was brave in his attempt to take the win, Bautista admitted a loss of grip in left-hand corners was the cause of his defeat.

Bautista said: “He had more tyre than me; in the first five laps, the tyre was good and in the second start, I thought I could push because in 11 laps, it'd be easy.

“I didn't expect to use the tyre like I did and in the last three laps, it was impossible because the bike was jumping around on all the left corners so it was difficult to go full lean.

“I'm happy about my performance because, from Friday, it increased and I got better with the bike.

“Even if it's not 100%, like before, I feel very positive after closing the gap.

“I didn't know who was behind me but I knew they could pass me easily because I couldn't lean or enter the corner fast.

“In the last corner, I tried to be close but I lost on entry and then to get the power on wasn't easy. Maybe, in normal conditions, I could pass him on the straight."

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