Changes are afoot in preparation for the upcoming new superbike and supersport season, with not only new riders and mechanics but, most notably, new relationships being made on the technical side too.

At Kawasaki, this means a return to Ohlins suspension systems in place of WP, although the reasons for the switch may not be obvious to all. The decision was by no means performance-based, but represented more of a global realisation that the Fuchs team could utilise suspension information from all Kawasaki racing teams worldwide if they adopted a common suspension package.

WP Suspension was integral in winning Kawasaki's first world supersport crown, and the team was able to make continued improvements with the prototype and somewhat revolutionary alloy front forks on its superbikes during a tough season, eventually finishing the year with multiple podium finishes.

The Kawasaki outfit built up a very good working relationship with WP over the years, helped largely by the suspension company's professional attitude and work ethic.