The 2022 WorldSBK season will see new rules and regulations concerning the sporting, disciplinary and medical side of the sport introduced.

The first change to be introduced is regarding the Tissot Superpole race. What is a ten lap sprint will remain the same, however, should the race be red-flagged then a new race distance of eight laps has been introduced as opposed to the five previously. 

The disciplinary regulations have also been tweaked to coincide with what’s currently in place in MotoGP and WEC (World Endurance Championship). 

While the final two changes involve the medical regulations starting with all fitness decisions will require a consultation with the medical director, FIM WorldSBK director, FIM Medical Officer, FIM Medical Director and/or FIM Medical Representative. 

Perhaps the biggest change is concerning rider safety and their equipment. All helmets of riders who have been taken to the medical centre will need to be properly examined before being returned to the rider involved. Should a rider suffer concussion then the helmet will be taken to the University of Zaragoza for an even more detailed investigation. 

Here is the full statement of new rules and regulations by WorldSBK officials: 

Sporting Regulations

Restarted Superpole Race: “In case of a restart of a WorldSBK Superpole race, it was noted that 5 laps were too short and could push riders to be overaggressive, generating dangerous situations. “It was decided that the restarted Superpole race will be for a minimum of 8 laps.”

Disciplinary Regulations 

Judges of Fact: "A more precise definition of the judges of fact as well as the scope of their attributions was brought. This proposal was lacking in the FIM Disciplinary Regulations. As it was done in MotoGP™ (and as it will also be applied in Endurance), it was necessary to bring the same precision in the Disciplinary Code in WorldSBK. No appeal may be lodged against a decision of the Judges of Facts on matters within their competence." 

Notifications of decisions: "It was confirmed that information on protests and appeals, plus decisions of the FIM WorldSBK Stewards Panel taken during track activities, (practice and races), may be communicated on time keeping monitors as well as on official notice boards. Such communications on public screens are considered valid notification.”

Medical Regulations 

Medical Fitness to Race: "The Commission approved various new regulations concerning the medical assessment conducted to permit return to competition. Appropriate decisions regarding fitness to compete should be made in consultation with the Medical Director, FIM WorldSBK Medical Director, FIM Medical Officer, FIM Medical Director and/or FIM Medical Representative and must be supported by relevant medical reports and information from the rider’s doctors."

Helmet analysis after a crash or a head injury: "The helmets of all riders taken to the medical centre for assessment following a crash must be retained by the medical personnel or Chief Medical Director for control by the Technical Director or Technical Stewards before being returned to the rider or the team manager. 

"In cases of head injury including concussion or loss of consciousness, unless a specific provision of a national law advises otherwise, the helmet must be forwarded to the FIM Laboratory at the University of Zaragoza for expert examination and non-destructive analysis. 

"The helmet manufacturer will be notified of the exact tests and has the right to approve or refuse. They will be able to attend the analysis carried out in this laboratory. After inspection, the helmet can be returned to the rider, team, or manufacturer."