From never believing it could win anything with Ducati machinery to establishing itself as one of the most successful teams in British and World Superbike Championship history, GSE Racing defied expectations during its time on the racing scene... and now you can relive that extraordinary journey!

From Diggers to Ducatis chronicles GSE Racing's hugely successful Ducati years on both the domestic and international racing scene and through to its swansong title in 2009 with Yamaha under the stewardship of team boss Colin Wright and owner Darrell Healy.

Originally created as a present from Healey to his team and GSE's customers, From Diggers to Ducatis is now available to buy on general release.

Written by owner David Miller and illustrated with the finest work of Double Red, Diggers to Ducatis is the definitive guide to BSB's most successful team.

So, if you want to know about the time Colin Wright threw James Toseland's mum out of the pit garage, the time Darrell Healey ripped a door off a people carrier, the time Neil Hodgson carried out a firewalk or the griff on Shane Byrne's Chinese restaurant/police interface, then From Diggers to Ducatis is the book for you this Christmas.

It is available for ?17.50 in gorgeous, glossy hardback, perfect for your coffee table - CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS