The UCL Honda team has been reborn for the 2003 season as Red Piranha Racing, and announced a return to the British Supersport Championship, with Simon Andrews [pictured last year], as an Official Yamaha UK team.

"Our focus last year was on the European Superstock where we recorded a top 10 finish at Monza and a further four top 15 finishes," stated commercial manager, Stuart Williams. "The team also contested the national Supersport and Superstock championships when we could. We were very pleased with Simon Andrews's two pole positions and five podium finishes in the Supersport from only eight starts."

"We have now reached an agreement with Yamaha UK to run their new YZF-R6 bikes in this years British Supersport Championship for Simon, something whole team is very excited about," added Williams. "It's a huge relief to finally have bikes sorted and the team will be burning the midnight oil over the next month to prepare them for testing in Spain during March."

But what about the name change? Williams explained that change represents an evolution of the teams longstanding Piranha theme and is seen as a fresh start with the move from Honda to Yamaha.

"We are a tight knit outfit with a fantastic bunch of sponsors headed by the Unilock Group who have been with us for many years. We think the Piranha really sums up what we are about - small, aggressive and more than happy to take on much bigger opposition," said Williams.

"This year's British Supersport Championship is going to be white-hot with a lot of big names making a top 10 finish an achievement in itself," he warned. "In a situation like this we believe it's going to be all about consistency. The team turns out quick, reliable bikes and we know Simon is capable of delivering results. We are quietly confident of a very good showing."

In the next few weeks Red Piranha Racing will announce, among other things, a new sponsor from the United States who are making their first foray into the UK and Europe.



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