You spoke, he answered. Discussing all things British Superbike, speculating about 2009 and revealing his favourite cheese, Airwaves Ducati manager Colin Wright answers each of the questions posed by our most probing interviewer yet - you!

With 32 years experience in the motorcycle racing industry, Colin Wright has been the team manager for GSE Racing since 1998, helping to steer the team to three BSB titles and numerous BSB and WSBK victories. His list of past and present riders reads like a who's who of motorcycle racing.

Hugely passionate about the sport, with this passion comes strongly held views and opinions, which he accepts not everyone will agree with. Colin kindly took time out to read all of your questions and we think you'll find his answers make for very interesting reading...

This is Part 1 of our Colin Wright Q&A, the second part will follow shortly - once again, thank you for your contributions.

Q - Boo
If Airwaves Ducati/GSE Racing make the switch to World Superbikes next season, will you maintain a BSB project? Maybe a junior project?

Colin Wright
We have considered running a second team in the past however we have always concluded that it would be impractical. GSE Racing runs a relatively small team and therefore focuses our efforts on the one project.

Q - Tom
Colin, With WSS arguably as popular as WSB and the loss of 250GP do you see yourself dangling your toes in the new 600 development class?

Colin Wright
I would say that this is very unlikely. We have identified that development and racing at the same time leads to too many uncertain situations and therefore makes it difficult to focus on the championship.

Q - Bentley Mtafu
Colin-why didn't Shakey ride at Brands?

Colin Wright
Airwaves Ducati and GSE Racing would have loved to have competed as a wild card in the World Superbike Championship round at Brands Hatch however this was impossible. First, we didn't have the sufficient parts available and second, we would not have been ready in time for Knockhill as it would have meant us stripping and rebuilding the engines three times in as many weeks.

Q - Macbeth
As you have been involved with BSB for a while now how do you feel the championship is progressing this year, compared to previous years, in terms of racing the track facilities and also development of talent within the British racing scene.

Colin Wright
Since I started in road racing in 1988 I have seen dramatic improvements in all areas of the sport. The championship this year in particular was always going to be difficult with the introduction of a new tyre rule plus changes to the technical regulations. Added to this, in the Superbike class Honda and Ducati had new machinery and new riders to get to grips with. I always believed the second half of the season would be more competitive than the first as the teams gathered data and adjusted to the changes and I think that is what we are now seeing. In terms of track facilities, these have definitely improved over the years, some faster than others. The ones that haven't need to pull their socks up! Finally to the last part of your question, I think we will be seeing many more victories and championship wins from the young talent emerging from this country such as Tom Sykes, Cal Crutchlow, Michael Laverty and of course Leon Camier.

I have to admit that I was disappointed that we where not going to se Shakey v Bayliss at any of the British rounds, I think this would be a very tight battle. So in your opinion if all equal and both on Ducati's who do you think would take it.

Colin Wright
At this moment in time I think Shane Byrne would beat Troy Bayliss. Troy has admitted that he feels increasingly tired as he reaches his senior years and I think the millions of cycle miles are starting to take their toll, but either way I would have relished seeing that battle.

Shakey has had great success with Ducati is it because his riding style suits twins over 4's.

Colin Wright
My personal opinion is Shane Byrne would be able to ride a four cylinder with the same level of success if he had three key factors:
1. Competitive machinery
2. Complete confidence in the machinery
3. A strong team environment

Q - Moot
I recognise that budget comes into it, but surely after seeing how Tom Sykes performed on a BSB-spec bike at Brands, couldn't Shakey be given the chance of a wildcard at Donington? Wouldn't Ducati help to support this financially, especially if Shakey is potentially on their list for the WSB works team in 2009?

Colin Wright
The British Superbike specification Ducati has approximately 20bhp less than the factory machines so the Airwaves Ducati team would have had a serious disadvantage. By not competing on equal terms we would not have achieved the results we know we are capable of and this would have been disillusioning for our riders Shane and Leon, and for our sponsors.

Q - Thea
If Shane Byrne was offered to ride with Ducati in World Superbikes, who would you want to replace him with?

Colin Wright
I would want to replace him with a rider who can win races.

Q - Graeme
Do you hope to take your team into world Superbike next year, if so which riders may you get?

Colin Wright
If indeed we were to enter into the World Superbike Championship in 2009, I would like to take Shane Byrne and Leon Camier with us.

Q - Steve
If you had Biaggi in your team, how long do you think you could tolerate him before you just had to sack him? Is it painful when you smile?

Colin Wright
In answer to your first question, I wouldn't have him, but if I had to, probably 5 minutes. And in answer to your second question, I actually find it quite easy to smile as I am a happy person. I think the camera just keeps capturing me when I'm concentrating on the work in hand and it comes across as me never smiling.

Q - Rob Mac
Do you want to step outside!!!!

Colin Wright
Same answer as last time Rob.

Nitro Nori
I heard you discussing GSE's reasons for not being present at Brands as wildcard entries on Eurosport with Tony Carter and Michael Rutter. Paul Bird alluded to this in last months issue of 'Motorcycle Racer' magazine, so I wasn't totally surprised about the lack of parts, however why could Shane and Leon not have been allowed to represent GSE on their BSB spec bikes ? I appreciate your comments that GSE only enter races / championships if they feel they'll be competitive, but given the fact that Shane's qualifying time for BSB Brands GP in April was an impressive 1.25.832 (less than 4/10s off Bayliss's Superpole record of 1.25.449) surely he'd have been extremely competitive?

Colin Wright
As I mentioned in one of my earlier answers, there were a number of contributing factors to Airwaves Ducati not competing in the World Superbike Championship round at Brands Hatch. It wasn't just the competitive disadvantage we would have encountered but also the impact it would have had on our preparations for the next British Superbike round at Knockhill.

Q - Aidan McErlean
BSB Ducati's are running different spec engines to WSB Ducati's what is the difference in the cost of the built engines, and how much horsepower difference between the two?

Colin Wright
There is very little financial difference between them however we are 20hp down to the factory Ducatis.

Q - Markus
I heard your Team will ride Yamaha next year, is this true and what Championship you take part in?
Good Luck from Austria!

Colin Wright
Interesting, the jungle drums in the UK have not yet communicated that one. I have no idea.

Q - Mr Bullitt
1/ Are Ducati considering Shakey as a possible replacement for Bayliss in WSBK, or will they decide on Biaggi as a replacement?

2/ Who will replace Shakey in 2009?

3/ Would GSE consider entering the WSBK again if the right package came available?

4/ Any plans to move up to Moto GP, or is it purely too expensive?

Colin Wright
1) I have no idea; I'm not the best person to ask.
2) No one if I can help it.
3) I believe it would be considered, yes.
4) I believe it is too expensive. It is my understanding that to run a competitive team in MotoGP would cost in excess of ?20 million.

Q - Bert Andrews
Airwaves Ducati and GSE have a formidable track record in BSB and motorcycle racing, would you ever consider moving up to World Superbikes, or even Moto GP one day?

Colin Wright
We have in fact competed in World Superbikes in 2001, 2002 and 2003 and were very successful. However I believe that MotoGP would be too cost prohibitive.

Q - Carrie Murray
Are you really as 'ARD' as you make out or are you just a shaven headed puppy dog? Don't get me wrong, I think you're quite sexy but a smile now and again wouldn't go amiss big boy!

Colin Wright
No, I'm a shaven headed puppy dog!

Q - Alred Noakes
If you were a cheese, what cheese would you be and why?

Colin Wright
Laughing Cow because it's happy & soft

Q - shen
Which country do you think has the hottest umbrella girl?

Colin Wright
South Africa or the UK - it depends on the weather

How would you rate Shane Byrne compared to other riders you've managed and why?

Colin Wright
I'd say all the riders I've worked with I rate highly for many varied reasons, however what I admire most about Shane is that he is respectful, courteous and above all appreciative of the teams efforts.

Q - fast jack
How annoyed do you get when you get 'numpties' asking you stupid questions? Like "shen"

Colin Wright
I don't get annoyed, I think they are funny!

Q - Morgan Hinton
As a fan of GSE racing for many years I hope you successfully (and finally) make it to the world stage in the 2009 World Superbike season! With Shakey looking to go Xerox Ducati or as rumors have it Alstare Suzuki how about you bring Gregorio Lavilla on board! I think every BSB fan on the weekend at Brands was thinking imagine what Greg would do on a factory bike with Kiyo doing so well. So when you do come to World Superbikes we'd all love to see the roadrunner back on a decent bike and off Birdy's pile of **** :P
All the best mate

Colin Wright
Appreciate your comments.