For the first half of the year, the championship looked wide open. Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel might have had the upper hand, but they were certainly not having it all their own way as time and again Vettel was beaten to the chequered flag by the likes of former world champions Kimi Raikkonen, Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton, Even the RB9's vaunted bullet-proof reliability faltered at Silverstone.

But then came the summer break, and when the teams and drivers reconvened at Hungary for the second half of the year it was an entirely different story: Vettel was out in front time and again, unstoppable and frequently so far ahead it seemed as if he was in an altogether different formula. By the end of the year he'd amassed more points (397) and more consecutive Grand Prix wins (nine) in a single season than anyone in history.

We've tried to sum all that up in our 20-question End of the Year quiz for 2013, which starts in the pre-season and then contains a question for every single one of the Grand Prix races in turn that ensued, right through to the final race of the year at Sao Paulo at the end of November. While most of the questions are brand new, if you've been a diligent follower of's quizzes over the course of the year then you might recognise a few of our 'greatest hits' mixed in as well, where some of our favourite questions from the year make an encore appearance. The question is - does that make them any easier? You might find that it's even harder to get them right this far away from the race in question!

There are questions about retirements, crashes and failures to even make the start; reserve drivers, laps led and records set. There are some easier ones, and some harder ones: be warned, some aren't as obvious as they might appear at first sight! If you know this sort of detail then you'll be in racing hog heaven and will no doubt come out with top marks; and even if you don't, a true F1 fan such as yourself would will probably be able to make a reasonable guess at working out the most likely answers. And if you do end up scratching your head a lot, don't worry - at least you'll come out of the experience enriched by learning some interesting and often surprising trivia about the 2013 season as a whole.

As ever, try the quiz first time through without looking up the answers using Google or Wikipedia - and try to leave looking back through's news archive until after your memory has been jogged by going through all the questions at least once. It's much more fun that way, honest!

Ready to start? Then CLICK HERE to take the quiz and let us know how you did by posting your score and feedback in the comments section below. The best of luck to you all, together with season's greetings from all at