- There was a lack of productivity in the media centre on Saturday as an auction of sports cars and F1 cars was shown on the screens where we usually watch the race. The event was held in the main straight, with the cars being showcased on the track. And there was a very happy millionaire who left the track having bought a Ferrari F2002 car signed by Michael Schumacher. He is $5.9 million poorer (or less rich), though. The most impressive thing? A 2017 Pagani Zonda was sold by even more: $6,050,000!

- Speaking of Ferrari, Lewis Hamilton had a curious response to Mattia Binotto’s comments that he could be on Ferrari’s list for 2021. “I guess it’s the first compliment they make to me in 10 years!” joked the Brit. Maybe it could be the start of a new relationship? Toto Wolff is not convinced. He said Binotto just answered the question he was made - something he knows, as he was sitting right next to him in the press conference. Well, members of Mercedes’ board are here in Abu Dhabi this weekend and could persuade Lewis not to listen to Ferrari’s compliments.

-  Hamilton was buzzing after his 88th pole position. He explained this year’s Mercedes is more of a race car than a qualifying car, and that explains why this was his first pole since Germany. But it was interesting to hear the Brit saying he feels “as if I was 22”. What’s the age of both of his rivals who are starting in second and third again?

- Carlos Sainz tried to play down for the whole weekend the fight to the McLaren’s best qualifier of the year, as he and Lando Norris were the only ones tied before this Saturday. And the duel was decided by the tightest of margins - 0.026s - with Norris winning 11-10.

- F2’s feature race win for Sergio Sette Camara meant the Brazilian now has reached the points he needed to get the F1 super licence, after three years in F2. He is currently the only representative of one of the most traditional countries in the sport to have it and may use it to make an interesting move: racing in America at IndyCar. Sette Camara’s point is that now it’s better to be in a bigger championship than doing another year in the feeder series. The decision is not taken but getting the super licence was an important factor to make the call.

- In tomorrow’s race, Valtteri Bottas expects to have some fun fighting from the back of the grid, although he didn’t seem to be 100% in the interviews. Bottas and also Ricciardo sounded as if they were nursing a cold, something that’s more than normal when the end of the season meets the heavy air conditioning that marks the races in the Middle East. But going back to Bottas’ fun race, when asked what was his target for the race, he gave the most Finnish answer ever: “A podium would be special, even though it’s not real champagne here!”



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