EXCLUSIVE: Alex Albon’s ‘responsibility’ to Williams, but how patient is he?

Alex Albon speaks to Crash.net about his F1 future and the duty he feels towards Williams.

Alex Albon on the grid at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.
Alex Albon on the grid at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Amid the recent noise surrounding his F1 future, Alex Albon remains focused on the job at hand, to get Williams back to the sharp end of the grid.

2024-spec Albon is a world away from the version that was ruthlessly spat out of the Red Bull senior team after just one full season alongside Max Verstappen in 2020.

Following a year on the sidelines, Albon has rebuilt his reputation and restored his confidence at his new home at Williams. Over the past two seasons, the 27-year-old has been one of F1’s standout performers.

In an interview with Crash.net at the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix, Albon said he is now the happiest and most content he’s ever felt in his F1 career.

“The most comfortable in terms of my confidence in F1 and just where I am headspace-wise. That leads to a lot of happiness,” Albon said.

“It’s not an easy sport, there’s always a bit of uncertainty and pressure in what we do. But I’m happy. I’m happy with the work I’m doing. Happy with the team I’m at.”

2023 was a particularly stellar year for Albon, who single-handedly scored enough points to lift Williams up to seventh place in the constructors’ championship - the British outfit’s best finish since 2017.

Albon’s impressive performances saw him linked to various top teams over the winter, including Ferrari and even a Red Bull return in 2025.

Albon's starring performances for Williams haven't gone unnoticed
Albon's starring performances for Williams haven't gone unnoticed

Lewis Hamilton’s shock move to Ferrari ruled out the former but brought Albon into the frame as a potential Mercedes candidate, though Williams team principal James Vowles has made it clear that he is tied to the team until the end of 2025.

Albon, who is “always fine-tuning” in his relentless quest to improve, feels he is operating in his prime and is ready to fight for podiums and wins.

“Yes I do,” Albon resoundingly said. “I think podiums and wins shouldn’t be off the cards. Of course we have to be realistic as well at the same time.

“My job at Williams is to bring us there. I feel very much part of the team too and it feels like my responsibility as well to bring this team up at the front end.

“But let’s see. There is a lot of time on my side. I’m keen to get it earlier than ever. Most drivers don’t have patience anyway but that’s where I see myself at.”

Albon may have patience, but he knows deep down that challenging for podiums and grand prix wins is unlikely to be a reality for Williams until at least 2026, when new regulations come into play with potential to dramatically shake up the pecking order.

“It’s a hard one to judge because I don’t think it’s so much of a timeframe. I think it’s just seeing that progress,” Albon explained.

“Obviously if it’s small progress for a long time that’s not really what I’m after. I want to see results quickly, but I also have to be realistic in where we are as a team.

“When I look at the changes we’ve made from last year to this year, seeing the impact it’s made on the team. I’m sure James [Vowles] would be the one to say this, but the stresses we’ve put the whole team through to make these huge changes to the car, we’ve still got a long way to go and we still have room to improve.

“We still need to be better and come 2026 I think there’s where all the teams talk a very similar game, especially the midfield teams. They want to have all their ducks in a row and attack the new regulation changes as best as they can. I see that with Williams. I see what we are doing. I’m very impressed and I enjoy being part of that progress.”

Can Williams keep hold of Albon?
Can Williams keep hold of Albon?

Albon insists he is “in no rush” to achieve his goals but an F1 driver’s career only has a finite shelf life. And, as he knows all too well, in the cut-throat world of F1, things can change in the blink of an eye.

Often perceived as being one of F1’s ‘nice guys’, Albon may have to be selfish to get to where he ultimately wants - and deserves - to be.

The 2025 driver market looks set to be one of the craziest in years, with more than half the grid out of contract, and teams scrambling to get their line-ups in place for F1’s impending rules overhaul.

Opportunities may present themselves and keeping the faith in Williams’ project comes with the risk of missing out on a chance he may not get again.

As much as he tries to play it down, this is a crucial time in Albon’s career.

When asked if he is willing to wait until 2026 for Williams to be fighting towards the front, Albon’s response was rather ambiguous: “Well, let’s see. That’s for my management to decide.

“In my head, I’ll happily go through this year. It’s where I see my future.”

If he continues to shine but the progress made by Williams is slow, interest from a rival team higher up the grid would surely test Albon’s admirable loyalty. 

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