Hamilton has been a vocal critic of the FIA ruling that drivers should not wear jewellery, and currently has an exemption for his nose rings during the Spanish Grand Prix.

Marko, who has butted heads with Hamilton this season already over a jibe about retiring, has now surprisingly leapt to his defence.

“I think they have gone too far,” Marko told RTL about the FIA ruling.

“This should be a personal decision of the drivers. I don’t remember how long Hamilton has been in F1, but he’s been wearing this jewellery all these years.

“So why did they suddenly decide to invent this topic? I think we have enough other things to worry about. We must accept and respect the individuality of each driver.

“Do I side with Hamilton? Yes I do, and this is my honest opinion.”

Hamilton said about the saga ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix: “What I am aware of, is that those who are married are able to wear their wedding rings. So yeah…”

George Russell then joked: “You just need to get married then,” to which Hamilton replied: “No, you first bro!”

Hamilton backed by F1 rival Marko

Red Bull consultant Marko had jibed at Hamilton earlier this season by suggesting that he might have retired after the notorious 2021 Abu Dhabi season finale, where Max Verstappen won his controversial first title.

Marko made the comments after Verstappen lapped Hamilton at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix.

“I mean he was lapped by us… so, maybe he should have stopped last year, he is thinking, maybe,” Marko had mocked.

Hamilton hit back: “Working on my masterpiece, I’ll be the one to decide when it’s finished.”